Apache SystemDS 1.0.0 Release Notes

The Apache SystemML 1.0.0 release was approved on December 12, 2017. The release includes enhancements, features, and additions as listed below.

API Enhancements

  • JMLC/MLContext parameter passing w/ and w/o meta data.

Deep Learning

  • Improved CPU convolution function performance, including sparsity.
  • Caffe2DML.
  • Enhanced/additional NN layers, e.g. conv2d transpose and depthwise convolution
  • NN architecture summary table.
  • [Experimental] Keras2DML.

New Scripts / Algorithms

  • Autoencoder.
  • Enhanced PCA.

Features & new Functions

  • sinh, cosh, and tanh.
  • transformcolmap.
  • n-ary rbind/cbind.
  • order with multiple order-by columns.


  • Improved rewrites, e.g. merging of statement block sequences.
  • IPA effectiveness.
  • Automatic vectorization of indexing pairs.
  • Instruction generation for memory efficiency.
  • Instruction code organization.
  • [Experimental] Code generation, code gen optimizer, and multi-threaded codegen operators.

Robustness & Performance

  • ParFor/HOP Memory budgets for Spark cluster configurations.
  • JMLC prepared scripts (thread affinity for outputs and configs, script cloning, configuration management).
  • Sparse-dense binary cell wise operations.

[Experimental] GPU

  • GPU conv2d and memory estimates.
  • Additional kernels,e.g. right indexing.
  • Single precision backend.

Additional Packages

  • SystemML Lite artifact, a minimumm-size uber JAR for embeddability (w/o Hadoop or Spark dependencies).


  • Compression on by default.
  • Exploitation of native BLAS libraries.
  • JDK 8 (dropped JDK 7).
  • jCUDA for Windows & Linux (x86_64, ppc64le) included.
  • Fine-grained runtime statistics.
  • Refactored configurations parameters to have sysml prefix
  • Performance test suite.


  • Refreshed/new examples and notebooks (DML examples), tutorial.

JIRA release notes

  • Features, Improvements, Bug fixes, etc.