Apache SystemDS 3.2.0 Release Notes

Release notes for SystemDS 3.2.0

SystemDS 3.2 is a minor release. Release 3.2 contains new features and major improvements to existing features.

New Features

  • Reuse, recycling, and memory management of GPU
  • New operator placement strategy to maximize parallelism across backends (CPU, Spark, GPU)
  • Improved compiler integration of multi-backend reuse: delayed caching, eviction placement, checkpoint placement, and asynchronous operators
  • Frame compression and lossy compression with binning
  • Improved compression support for transform encode
  • Ultra sparse matrix multiplication optimization
  • Improved parallel writing to the local file system
  • Extended sparsity propagation in federated backend
  • Deduplicated matrix block for word embedding
  • Double compressed sparse row block
  • Time-series Alignment library (Python API)

New Builtins

  • Linearized image transformations
  • Anomaly detection via IsolationForest
  • Better support for DNN models
  • Performance improvement of many existing builtins

Other Optimizations

  • Various new compiler rewrites
  • Extended constant folding
  • Improved handling of ultra-sparse matrices
  • Rewrites for GPU operators
  • Robustness for decision tree and random forest
  • Improved performance of transform encode/apply
  • Various bug fixes in memory estimates, Spark checkpointing, frame operations, IO, and other areas

Software Build

  • Upgrade spark 3.5 and corresponding dependencies and fix imports
  • Slf4j and log4j update to the latest version
  • GitHub actions improvements for Windows, upgrade the actions dependencies to the latest. Fix all the flagged dependencies
  • Fix GitHub actions failure related to federated tests
  • Code coverage and actions artifact lifecycle


  • Fix federated tutorial commands.
  • Builtin functions, Random Forest and decision tree algorithms