Apache SystemDS 2.2.x Release Notes

Release notes for SystemDS 2.2.2

SystemDS 2.2.x is a minor release. This release contains major improvements to existing features, a large number of performance and robustness fixes, and some experimental features to better support the end-to-end data science lifecycle. In addition to that, this is the last release with Java 8 and Spark 2.x.

SECURITY NOTICE: This release and the above versions include fix for the CVE-2022-26477.

The major changes (compared to SystemDS 2.1) include:

  • Federated Backend: Extended operations and built-ins to support various workflows and algorithms.
  • Full support for compressed linear algebra.
  • Full support for multithreaded feature transformation.
  • Various performance improvements to existing builtins in SystemDS’s local, distributed, and native runtimes.
  • Performance and robustness fixes for eval. Parfor support for eval.
  • Robust performance test suite.
  • Asynchronous triggering of spark operations via prefetch and broadcast
  • New feature: Generating custom readers by example [experimental]
  • Robust release automation scripts with dry-run support.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements: Improved documentation, better testing, Python API, GPU backend.